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Do you have work issues? Do difficult relationships or situations make it hard to thrive at work? Is your boss, coworker or customer a pain?  The Civility Sisters bring their expertise to a podcast series called Healing the Toxic Workplace. This series is meant to enlighten and educate listeners about workplace culture, incivility, and workplace bullying. Each episode is unique with real-life examples and expert interviews that matter to you.

If you have a difficult issue at work, we’d love to hear from you! Please message us using the “Dear Civility Sisters” contact form below.

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Dr. Kris Lea

Dr. Kris Lea, as well as her firm Kris Lea Consulting Group, Inc., believes in the attainment of organizational health for the betterment of individuals and the organizations that they serve. 

Dr. Nan Cowardin-Lee

Dr. Nan Cowardin-Lee, PhD, organizational
psychology, is committed to helping organizations develop civil and respectful work environments where everyone can function effectively and efficiently.


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